Es reicht

Two-channel video installation [9:16, 16:9, no sound] as part of “Saṃsāra”, a group exhibition of Fotografie Berlin e.V. curated and organised by Zack Helwa and Joanna Chwiłkowska shown at Redah Art House during 48 Hours Neukoelln Festival in Berlin (Germany).

Performer: Suki Sky @suki.and the dancers
Stylist: Diana Dalban @dianadalban
Hair Stylist: Tona Inoue @tona__inoue
MUA: Carina Rebeca @carina_mua_berlin
Lingerie: Ynry @ynry_ Bracelet: The Retrodite @theretrodite
Studio: Fotografie Berlin e.V.
Production/Set Design/Video: Joanna Chwiłkowska @asidron